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We are a group of minecraft players that started thinking how we can offer Free Minecraft Hosting Servers because we wanted to combine what we love to do in our free time and in our work. Not that long ago we were the guys paying for Minecraft server and always searching for better, cheaper ones.

We could never find quality. So we decided to contact some large businesses and make a deal with them. In exchange for us helping them with their market research (that’s you guys filling out those surveys), they pay for everything, Making it possible for us to give it to you free minecraft server hosting 100% free. These server have become popular among the minecraft community and all new players.

Because we play Minecraft on our own servers, we are always updating them. We even have bukkit | vanilla. All our servers are dedicated. That means you can have your very own server, no questions asked, you control whatever you want to do and you can bring all of your friends with you or invite all of your familly members as well.

All you have to do to get your very own free Minecraft server is complete one short survey from one of our sponsors through our link. Without those surveys we could not offer this service. Most of surveys just require your email, very few might ask for your mobile phone number.

Once you have completed a short survey you will be given a unique code to email us , please allow approx 7 days and we then will send you your new minecraft hosting server so you can start your new minecraft world. We promise that you will enjoy our free minecraft servers and will tell many of your friends about what we do and how good our minecraft free hosting is.

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  • online Hosting Online We at try our very best to keep our server online for you 365 days a year.
  • Set up Easy Setup Our server are easy to set up with basic instructions so you can host straight away..
  • Cloud Cloud Technology You can choose from our cloud technology as a second option if needed..
  • Power Constant Power No matter what server you choose you will always have power and will not be overloaded..
  • Support Proffesional Support Our support at is within a 24 hours turn around.
  • Fix Problem Analysis Most of our minecraft hosting are self monitered and therefore are running online when needed..