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Why is there a survey to get the free minecraft server hosting ?.

We offer this to you at a cheaper way to get a free minecraft hosting servers, our minecraft servers are 100% free this way there is no monthly fees and we take care of any issue that may occur.

How long does it take before i get the log in details?.

Once you have completed a survey you will get a once off code , simply email us with that once of code and within 7 days we will send you back your server details 100% free.

Are there any restricions on the free minecraft hosting servers?.

Not at all these minecraft servers are the best quallity that you may ever use, please dont abuse them in any way thats all we ask from our customers.

Can we get more than one server?

Yes you can we do not mind at all , but there are other people like you that want to get servers as well so please take some thought into thos that are after a free minecrafte hosting server as well.